This small town, centered in the woods of Ravenloft, is home to many a strange occurrence. Being the central producer of tobacco in the land of Angstasia, the town has a rather peculiar smell to it, causing all the townsfolk to cover their faces with sheep’s bladders. Lately, the town has been running short on sheep, due to a local gang of gnolls, who have been eating the sheep. The local sheepherder, Samuel, has had a rather bad go of trying to scare off the gnolls and has almost gotten himself eaten a few times.

While generally, the town of Copenhagen is relatively quiet, there was an incident, 8 years ago, where an organization known as the Men of the Black Hood burned down a local orphanage. Presumably, no one but the owner of the orphanage, her husband, and the Men of the Black Hood know exactly why the orphanage was burned down. Of course, Madea and Kevgold have not been seen since, and not a single soul in Copenhagen knows where to find the Men of the Black Hood.

Another regular, but strange occurrence in Copenhagen are the nightly rituals done by mysterious, hooded figures. It is unknown from whence these hooded figures come, but their presence is hardly noticed, since they only come out silently at midnight. Of course, for those that venture out in the middle of the night, it seems that the town’s natural odor becomes more pungent during these times. Some locals believe that the mysterious, hooded figures are causing the pungent stench, but there has not been any definite proof.

As of late, a band of heroes has arisen to challenge the status (which is rather quo) in Copenhagen, promising to end the tyranny (both physical and olfactory) of the Men of the Black Hood. While most of the citizens of Copenhagen are hopeful about the promise of freedom and clean air, some are unsure as to whether or not these heroes have what it takes. There is talk that some of these heroes have even incurred the wrath of The Great Dungeon Master in the Sky, and are therefore doomed from the start.


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